Hypocrisy 101: Dakota history now a selling point for Coldwater Spring

After years of denying the importance of Coldwater Spring to the Dakota, throughout the recently completed NEPA process for the Bureau of Mines Twin Cities Campus property, the Park Service now plans to use Dakota history at the site as a selling point, according to Paul Labovitz, Superintendent of MNRRA which carried out the NEPA process and is the new manager of the property. He stated in a recent press release:

“The public’s interest in this site throughout this process illustrates the great significance that the Dakota and so many others attach to this special place,” said Paul Labovitz, NPS superintendent for MNRRA. “We are excited to be the caretakers, and to work with many partners to tell all the stories associated with this place. There are many layers of history associated with this site, from the Dakota to European settlement to 20th century mining technology. This is a truly unique place in the Twin Cities.”

This statement can be found in a press release  at: http://www.nps.gov/miss/parkmgmt/upload/RODNewsRelease.pdf


Hypocrisy 101: Dakota history now a selling point for Coldwater Spring — 2 Comments

  1. I would HOPE that some of the stories would have to do with Anishinabe people also.. and the unique fine lines that “mixed-bloods” had to walk, as they related to their communities of origin, as well as the “newer” communities that gained from their connections.. I’m particularly interested in how the women coped and related..

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