The Fort Snelling Debate

Here’s an interesting debate that took place on Fox 9 News in the Twin Cities on the evening of June 1, 2010, between Waziyatawin and John Crippen of the Minnesota Historical Society.  It is rare to see history debated on the evening news, but this debate is a great example of a discussion of current events related to the history of Minnesota, which is the goal of


The Fort Snelling Debate — 3 Comments

  1. Here’s an email I received from Chris Mato Nunpa:

    Hi ALL,
    I submitted two comments and one was accepted for the “debate.” This one had to do with Jack Weatherford’s definition of the “concentration camp” and how Weatherford was referring to Ft. Snelling, and that Ft. Snelling was “definitely” a concentration camp.

    The 2nd comment was: “In addition to Jack Weatherford’s use of “concentration camp” to refer to Ft. Snelling, Roy Meyer in his HISTORY OF THE SANTEE SIOUX, also, uses “concentration camp” to refer to Ft. Snelling and also, to the one at Mankato for the Dakota men. Hitler often said to his inner circle how he (Hitler) admired the “efficiency” of the U.S. genocidal programs against the Indigenous Peoples and viewed them as forerunners/models for his (Hitler) own programs against the Jews, Gypsys, and physically handicapped. Hitler was a good student.”

    A little message came up which said that a moderator had to “approve” a comment before it could be posted. I submitted my statement, again, for the 2nd time, and again, my statement, above, is not posted. I guess the moderator, Channel 9 (KMSP) are really threatened by this TRUTH. I can only assume my statement was not “approved.”

    Chris Mato Nunpa

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