Catching Up

It has been hard to find time to write articles for in the last year. Four and a half years ago I got a call from some people asking me write a grant proposal and to work with some other people to do to do some research on a really compelling topic. Two grants and a lot work later, one week ago we sent five chapters back to the patient and charming editor, having responded to the copy editing and the seemingly endless questions about this and that and the other thing. Last Thursday the captions got finished and everything was sent to the designer. In a few months the book will come out.

This means I don’t have any more excuses for neglecting So I am planning to publish several articles that were supposed to be put online a long time ago, some by me and others by other people who have been way more patient that they should have had to be. Also I am going to start a more personal series of blog notes on the topic “Writing History,” which will discuss some thoughts I have had in working on the book and other things that come up as the book is readied for publication.

Sorry to be mysterious about the book, but I will say more as the publication date nears.

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