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Here is some information about some of the the photographs that appear randomly at the top of the MinnesotaHistory.net pages. As time goes by I will include information on all the photographs. 


A daguerreotype from the 1850s, of Dakota tepees at the future site of Bridge Square in Minneapolis, with the home of John H. Stevens in the background. The full image can be viewed on the Minnesota Historical Society Visual Resources Database.  
Boys in a row watching the Wannigan Days parade in Taylors Falls, 1976. Bruce White photo.
In the late 1970s, on a summer day, as the sun went down, my friends Leslie and Hamid Gaidi watched a Minnesota Kicks game at the old Metropolitan Stadiium in Minneapolis. They asked me to develop and print some of their photos. I discovered that the film had been slipping in the camera, resulting in this panoramic double exposure.
A view from the Smith Avenue High Bridge looking toward downtown St. Paul in the summer of 2007. Bruce White photo.
 A hay field south of Lake Minnewaska, near Starbuck, in late August 2007. Bruce White photo.
Humboldt Avenue near South Wabasha, on the west side of St. Paul, March 2009. Bruce White photo.
The carousel opposite the grandstand at the Minnesota State Fair, around 1984. Bruce White photo.
A view of the old stone arch bridge from the Guthrie Theater, a St. Anthony Falls, October 2008. Bruce White photo. 
Shopping at Target, a Minnesota tradition, just before Christmas 2008. Bruce White photo.
Murray’s famous restaurant on Sixth Street near Hennepin in downtown Minneapolis, the home of the “silver butterknife steak,” October 2008. Bruce White photo.
Black raspberries, Chisago County, July 2008. Bruce White photo.
The south side of east Seventh Street in St. Paul, October 2008. Bruce White photo.


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  1. The colorful 1966 Ford truck is “Elmer” the creation of sculptor Allen Christian. You’ll often find it near his North Loop studio, the House of Balls in the Colonial Building on N. Third Avenue in Minneapolis. The Colonial Building once housed Thomas Lowry’s street car company.

    • Sorry Mary Jane, I meant to post your comment a long time ago. I will add the photo and provide a caption, as well as a link to Allen’s House of Balls page. Thanks for providing the information. I always wondered whose truck that was.

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